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    Fujitsu and Lenovo's joint venture company will release primary school notebook
    According to Kyodo News Agency on June 13, Fujitsu client computing, a joint venture between Fujitsu and Chinas Lenovo Group, said on July 12 that it would sell...
    2020-07-03 09:37
    Experts discover new ransomware virus: encrypt computer files, users do not know which ones are infected
    According to the Russian satellite network, bleeping computer website reported that experts have found a new type of blackmail virus data keeper with mass destr...
    2020-07-03 09:37
    The chairman of Shenzhou Computer teaches college students to start a business
    Wu Haijun, chairman of Shenzhen Shenzhou computer Co., Ltd., who was invited to attend a career guidance lecture for 12582 celebrities of China Mobile, was invi...
    2020-07-03 09:37
    It was a swamp at first, and then it became a slum. A large amount of toxic electronic waste is piled up on the land that spreads for several kilometers. Garbag...
    2020-07-03 09:37
    Toshiba’s TV business is sold to Hisense. Will the next one be sold?
    Toshiba TV business sells Hisense for 12.9 billion yen. Will computers be the next one to sell?Toshiba, which is in deep financial difficulties, announced today...
    2020-07-03 09:37