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    Experts discover new ransomware virus: encrypt computer files, users do not know which ones are infected

    release time:2020-07-03 09:37 classification:company news Views:73Times

    According to the Russian satellite network, bleeping computer website reported that experts have found a new type of blackmail virus data keeper with mass destruction on the Internet.

    It is reported that the software encrypts the files on the victim's computer and requires payment of ransom in encrypted currency.

    Experts pointed out that the virus does not change the extension of a document, so users do not know which files are infected.

    In addition, data keeper can access all shared networks through the victim's computer and encrypt it.

    Since the beginning of 2018, this has been the third extortion software provided by cyber criminals. The two previous ransom viruses were Saturn and gandcrab.

    (original title: experts found new blackmail virus encrypts computer files of victims)